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Masque of the Red Death i am unable to see magic eye puzzles whether it is my astigmatism or whatever is miswired in my brain that was giving me that off brand epilepsy some years back, i am not able to get the same joy as others out of those things but i enjoy the enjoyment of others and i was really excited to find this on the free shelves at work, knowing that other people had really loved it but for me, it wasn t a home run i don t see it.the premise is great it is not a retelling of poe s story, but it borrows some of his visuals in poe, a plague has ravaged the city, and a wealthy prince gathers together a number of his privileged elite, who lock themselves into his castle and party like only the entitled can, bravely and optimistically, believing themselves immune to the fate that awaits us all they are incorrect.here, we have a similar dichotomy unfortunate people dying in the street from plague with corpse collectors at the readywhile the wealthy who can afford masques with air filtration capabilities travel in steam powered carriages in all their corsetted finery to nightclubs where they seek oblivion in drink, drugs, and casua Masque of the Red Death has been my most anticipated book of the year since I discovered it last September I was obviously first attracted to it by its cover, followed by its premise that talks of a gothic setting, a plague apocalypse, and a Debauchery club need I say As far as steampunk novels go, this is easily my favorite I absolutely loved the atmosphere throughout the story The ruined city, the dangers in the streets, the masks, the disease it s dark and it s dreary, with intricate details that had me truly envisioning this world in disrepair, full of mortality The always present danger of this easily contracted death is palpable It gave me shivers and made me cringe Bethany clearly did not falter in her world building Its unwavering somber ambiance constantly propels us in a dying world so different from our own, yet, frighteningly not inconceivable Inside this disintegrating world lives Araby Living with the guilt of losing her twin brother, she s dealing with her grief in form of punishment by not experiencing life to its fullest Or at least, nothing Finn didn t get the chance to This, to me, was incredibly sad I felt sorry for her especially because she is blinded by her despair incapacitated However, when she meets Will with his gorgeous looks, and Elliott with his master plans, things start to improve Both of these guys are full of charm even throug I really hate being a constant Debbie Downer, but, this is another throwaway, unfortunately I ve been unlucky with my book picks lately, as you can tell So, Masque of the Red Death Conceptually interesting and, might I say, stylish plague, porcelain masques, corsets, steam carriages, debauchery But why must it be, essentially, just like every other book that s been published in the genre over the last year or so I ve lost count of how many times I ve read the same elements of this story a heroine, in a dazed, catatonic state, mourning her brother her obvious love interest, a debauchery club bouncer there was NO debauchery in the first 50 pages for some unknown reason drags her unconscious body to his poor house, so that she can wake up in his bed and admire his tats she is suddenly stricken by realization of how poor and unfortunate his family is while she is a rich girl she is jealous of her new flame within hours, because the guy is just so nice and family oriented and of course there is absolutely no chance she will kiss the dream boy, because, of course, there is a huge, massive obstacle in a form of her vow never to indulge in such thing because, you know, her brother is deadLet me Masque of the Red Death is oh so deliciously dark and twisty 4.5 stars I adore dark, fantastical and overly dramatic stories Who s with me Let s go kick some flying monkeys, everyone Kidding, kidding Please guys, treat your flying monkeys with respect Oz just wouldn t be as much fun without them The Rundown Araby Worth lives in a chilling death ridden world, where every day is a struggle to keep from contracting a deadly plague Dead bodies litter the streets and air filtering masks are necessary to keep the plague at bay A villanous Prince rules the area but lives outside the threats that exist within the poulated areas Araby spends most of her time out in a club named Debauchery and encounters two sexy and mysterious boys Yet even mysterious is what s going on in the city Rumors of an uprising threaten the safety of those within the city and then the attacks begin Annnnnnd, love triangles and villainy ensue Whoohoo Damn, this is a difficult book to summarize The Cover I really appreciate when the publishers put so much love into even the advance copy of the book The cover looks beautiful in the photo but in real life it is outstandfendupulosus Don t even ask me wha We ve all read the Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe But have you ever wondered what kind of state the world would have to be in for such a tale to take place In Bethany Griffin s gripping novel which shares its title with Poe s story we are swept into the inner workings of a bleak realm The world has been devestated by a fierce contagion Everyone must wear masks Everyone is at risk I adored this novel and I m still reeling from the last few chapters especially Part Steampunk, part dystop Masque of the Red Death took a lot of risks Firstly, it was based on Poe s title of the same name And as every one knows, gen er ally you just don t go mess ing with Poe.All I m say ing is that shortly before this was taken, that skele ton was alive and very apologetic, but ultimately doomed.Sec ondly, it s a young adult novel that fea tures drugs, sex and alco hol Thirdly, the pro tag o nist, Araby Worth, is suicidal.After fin ish ing it, it doesn t feel like a novel that I nec es sar ily need to talk about I really enjoyed it Dun can, an edi tor at Harper Collins, said in the for ward, We think Bethany Grif fin is a star tling and fresh voice in teen fiction Well, I ll give them that I thought Griffin s writ ing was well crafted and strong She has con trol over her prose and uses them to great effect through out the novel.Masque of the Red Death con tains that dreaded crea ture the love tri an gle Curse it But it was not hor ri fy ingly painful As a reader, it s not some thing I enjoy and I don t think it added much of value to this novel but nor did it cause my eye to bleed and my inter nal organs to explode, so I think it can mostly be for given though the rela tion ship aspect does take up a sig nif i cant por tion of this story where I would have pre ferred, per haps, to spend time focu There s a part of me that thinks maybe I ve been too hard on this, but I m going to let the two star review stand Araby Worth is the teenage daughter of a brilliant scientist who lives in the ritzy part of a plague city Most nights she goes out with her vapid friend April to the exclusive Debauchery Club to do drugs and walk around All the rich people wear masks and travel in steamcoaches to protect them from disease, while the poor wallow in dead bodies This story is mostly about Araby running around with drug dealer and nutcase, Elliot, as he talks about overthrowing his evil Uncle Prospero Why Araby thinks Elliot will be a better ruler than Prospero is beyond me, but she decides to throw in with him and betray her father I suppose she validates this because she feels unloved by her parents Her father has been distant ever since her brother died But this is the main problem I had with Araby She s a shallow, self absorbed slime I have little sympathy for someone who puts her family in danger for no real concrete reason It s not like she ever trusts Elliot either She knows he s psycho So when she s puts her faith in him, it just makes her look stupid And when she tells herself she s just helping Elliot to save April, you know she s full of crap Does a heroine have to be likable for me to like a book I hope not It s kind honestly What the fuck did I just read I m 100% confused but I ve never been so invested and eager to read on about something I don t fucking get Idk everything seemed to jump from scene to scene without any explanation and I just liked it Th Everything Is In Ruins.A Devastating Plague Has Decimated The Population, And Those Who Are Left Live In Fear Of Catching It As The City Crumbles Around Them.So What Does Araby Worth Have To Live For Nights In The Debauchery Club, Beautiful Dresses, Glittery Makeup And Tantalizing Ways To Forget It All.But In The Depths Of The Club In The Depths Of Her Own Despair Araby Will Find Than Oblivion She Will Find Will, The Terribly Handsome Proprietor Of The Club, And Elliott, The Wickedly Smart Aristocrat Neither Is What He Seems Both Have Secrets Everyone Does.And Araby May Find Not Just Something To Live For, But Something To Fight For No Matter What It Costs Her. !!> Epub ➤ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas ➣ Author Paul W. Zitzewitz – Mgiworx.co.uk And Those Who Are Left Live In Fear Of Catching It As The City Crumbles Around Them.So What Does Araby Worth Have To Live For Nights In The Debauchery Club !!> Read ➱ The Beautiful Disruption ➵ Author G.G. Renee Hill – Mgiworx.co.uk Beautiful Dresses ❆ Games Rednecks Play kindle Epub ❤ Author Jeff Foxworthy – Mgiworx.co.uk Glittery Makeup And Tantalizing Ways To Forget It All.But In The Depths Of The Club In The Depths Of Her Own Despair Araby Will Find Than Oblivion She Will Find Will KINDLE ❁ The Magic Cottage Author James Herbert – Mgiworx.co.uk The Terribly Handsome Proprietor Of The Club ➶ Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) 1, Sandi Metz, eBook - Amazon.com Gratuit ➬ Auteur Sandi Metz – Mgiworx.co.uk And Elliott !!> Download ➹ Eski Yunanca - Türkçe Sözlük ➾ Author Güler Çelgin – Mgiworx.co.uk The Wickedly Smart Aristocrat Neither Is What He Seems Both Have Secrets Everyone Does.And Araby May Find Not Just Something To Live For Download ☆ Dont Leave Me Alone By GG – Mgiworx.co.uk But Something To Fight For No Matter What It Costs Her. I was the first person ever to breathe through a maskImagine living in a world where the most important thing you need to survive is also the very same thing that could take your lifeI need some fresh air Then by all means, go outside If it doesn t clear your head, it will probably kill youAraby lives among the sick and dying The only thing which separates her from the less fortunate is her accessibility to the air filtering masks which are credited for sustaining life Most people would trade places with the girl who has food, shelter, and clean air For Araby, these amenities are only prolonging the terror and sorrow She sees the pain of loss and smells the stench of the dead She lives in fear of touch not only from the rotting hands of those who are infected, but also from the clean hands of those who care for her What she fears the most is living a life that was not meant for her to live.As the contagion grows, a city in ruin divides its loyalties There are three players rallying for control The prince in command, The religious fanatic spreading propaganda, and a young man named Elliot who has personal reasons to want to overthrow the other two opponents.Being the daughter of the man who invented the life saving masks, Araby is of interest to all of the power players involved Unsure who to trust, she holds tight

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