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Jack Tumor One of the coolest ideas a talking brain tumor and definitely one of the coolest opening words for any book Arsecheese The tone is set we get deliciously vulgar thought often decidedly man humour as well as unpredictable scenes featuring Hector Brundy your typical nerdgeek who s into comic books, Star Trek as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer That last part definitely won over the cat.Henry Tumour is a sensitive tale about growing up, and making the best of things, despite your shortcomings , even if that something is a brain tumor that threatens to take over your life as well as your geeky personality When life is short, the last thing you need is a brain tumor trying to turn you into Super Stud to keep in tune with the comic book theme of the novel The sensitivity of the novel is smartly disguised in brutally honest bully scenes, sex talk and snogging fests with Uma Upshaw I am not inventing this name and tragic comic reveries about has been hippie feminists Also disguised amongst the stream of consciousness writing are important questions about your own mortality, and the need want use of morality in light of the finality of all things with Hector as the Ego and Henry as the Id This is never an easy question to a In an overflowing, smelly, terribly lit save a lot I came across Jack Tumor Whilst looking at another book that didn t really interest me, I knocked over Anthony McGowan s masterpiece One look at the first word, Arsecheese, I was sold I took it home, not thinking much of it Little did I know that this crude, hilarious, and beautifully insightful novel would change my life forever Pretty amazing for an accident, right Perhaps it was Hector Brunty, the humorous and very humanized character, or maybe it was his know it all brain tumor Jack that made me fall in love with this book I would like to thank my clumsiness that brought Jack Tumor and I together The only thing I will say is that the comic strip ending is only featured in Henry Tumour Which is the original UK version I m completely satisfied with the ending as it is, but now I suppose I m going to have to buy the UK version enj This looks an awful lot like David Henrie on the cover Aww, how I miss Wizards of Waverly Place I picked this book up at the library book sale a while back because the synopsis sounded hilarious a talking brain tumor How could I pass that up What really surprised me was how touching this book actually was Now, don t get me wrong, it definitely had it s hilarious moments, but I found it to be moving as well.I really loved Hector Brunty as a character Not only was he nerdy but he was so humanized And I really love how his relationship with Jack his brain tumor really changed him, at first for the worst, but in the end, the better His gang of nerdy friends were all so great too The writing was fantastic Hector s voice was loud and clear through the writing I loved the style and presentation of the writing Superb Not only was the writing spot on, but the overall ability to take an idea that really, sounds so ridiculous a talking brain tumor Really and turning it into a fantastically written book with both humor and humanity in it wonderful There were many times I thought the story was going to take a turn for the worse and it was going to get crappy on me, but it just kept getting better and b Difficult to think of a book about a boy and his brain tumor as funny, but this one really is Hector, who s been having rather severe headaches, starts hearing a voice Not just any voice, it s the voice of Jack Jack Tumor who TALKS LIKE DEATH if you know what I mean.Jack s funny at times, cranky at others It s sort of like Heck s subconscious but better at one point and I m paraphrasing here Jack admits that he has access to everything in Hector s brain, including stuff he doesn t know is there Some of that is girls Uma and Amanda , some of that is how to best the school bullies, and some of it is bad graveyard poetry Go figure.Mom s a hippie from the CND demonstrations, serving mung bean soup and various icky sounding teas, and doesn t seem terribly good at Mom stuff, particularly when her son is finally diagnosed with the tumor Or after, it seems The majority of the action takes place in a fortnight, whic I d really give this a four and a half stars It s not often you read a book that makes you feel bad for the tumor that s killing the protagonist but Mr McGowan has done just that The symbiotic relationship between the boy and his tumor works because McGowan gives Jack a real personality smart, supportive, vulnerable and yes reasonable He the tumor knows what he is He also knows the effect he has on the boy He also knows he wants to live It s a great idea and it pla I really will never learn How many times have I picked up a book I knew was going to be funny beyond belief, and read it on the train After snorting with laughter very loudly on a train jam packed with people, this strictly became a read at home only book And this is one seriously funny book The premise is simple Hector discovers he has a brain tumour Its name is Henry And it talks to him, gives him advice and generally keeps him company Whether Hector likes it are not.The story is super clever as it deals with quite a serious and difficult topic, but in a way that is easy for younger people to relate too A colleague told me about McGowan s o I saw this in the guardians kids section and was pulled to it by the excellent front cover A comic bookesque style of a boy and taking brain tumour.Told through amusing tales of growing up, school bullies and that eventful fir Read Jack Tumor Author Anthony McGowan Nature Explore.eu WINNER OF THE 2006 BOOKTRUST TEENAGE PRIZE It Wasn T My Choice Henry Was In Charge As If School Bullies And His Mum S Tofu Sandwiches Weren T Enough For Hector Brunty, He Now Has Another Dilemma A Talking Brain Tumour.Henry Tumour Turns Out To Be The Perfect Alter Ego, Advising Hector On Haircuts, High Fashion, And Tactics For Snogging The Best Looking Girl In School, Uma Upshaw Controlling His Speech And Brain Chemicals Is One Thing, But Soon Henry Tumour Is Trying To Make Decisions About Hector S Life Than He D Like.Can Hector Overpower His Tumour In Order To Get What He Really Wants Before They Both Go Under The Knife [Download] ✤ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space Author Muriel Dimen – Mgiworx.co.uk He Now Has Another Dilemma A Talking Brain Tumour.Henry Tumour Turns Out To Be The Perfect Alter Ego [PDF] Insight and Interpretation By Roy Schafer – Mgiworx.co.uk Advising Hector On Haircuts !!> Download ➽ Good People in an Evil Time ➸ Author Svetlana Broz – Mgiworx.co.uk High Fashion [Reading] ➶ On a Day Like This ➽ Peter Stamm – Mgiworx.co.uk And Tactics For Snogging The Best Looking Girl In School [Epub] ↠ Heart to Start Author Derek Handley – Mgiworx.co.uk Uma Upshaw Controlling His Speech And Brain Chemicals Is One Thing Read ➵ Light without Fire Author Scott Korb – Mgiworx.co.uk But Soon Henry Tumour Is Trying To Make Decisions About Hector S Life Than He D Like.Can Hector Overpower His Tumour In Order To Get What He Really Wants Before They Both Go Under The Knife I have to admit this book read kind of like a NaNoWriMo novel I m not saying that in a bad way Just that the voice of the protagonist lends it to the type of writer who has a word count to fulfill or who gets paid by the sentence There is a lot of extra stuff here Do I really care about the Battle of the Fish and Chips Shops Not really But the way the author puts himself in the head of the main character, it s obvious that Heck cares about it, or at least has that flotsam floating around in his head, and by golly if he s writing a book it is all spilling out on the paper At first I found this a bit annoying But Heck is one of those characters who grows on you By the last page, he was someone I could genuinely care about, for all of his silly meandering mental paths His voice is very clear.That s kind of how the entirety of this book was for me At first I had a hard time settling myself down in the plot and setting Not because I m unused to British novels or slang, because I m not, but because seeing the world through the viewpoint of someone who lives it every day naturally means you get a few strange things thrown at you all at once and not everything is going to be explained But as the novel carried itself along, I grew interested in Heck s life, his friends though I never could tell them or An absolutely hysterical book about a boy with a brain tumour It shouldn t be funny, but it ABSOLUTELY is I mean, what author would be MAD enough to start their book with the heading and firts line ARSECHEESE I ask you Of course, it s Anthony McGowan.I love the way this novel unravels, drawing the reader ever deeper into the insanity that Henry s tumour causes him while he grapples with what this means to his life It s like his inner monologue has read all of his Negative Thoughts and is either using them as a weapon against him or shouting them down to get Henry on side, either way the tumour is taking over and is going to go out with a bang.I ve found this book to be a massive hit for those reluctant readers who have a good or higher reading ability, but low interest levels when it comes to reading the main reason is that it doesn t talk down to the reader, whilst also having such

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