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An Old-Fashioned Girl I read Little Women a long time ago and loved that book Ok, I was much younger then However, I cannot help but being disappointed by An Old Fahsioned Girl The story is very sweet but marred by the narrator s preachy comments They intrude on the story so much.I could not help smiling at times at some of them Plus ca change Blaming the youth for their apparent lack of purpose and superficiality etc Glad to know that our well meaning set have been at it for than a century now PLooking at the date when the book was written 1869 it did advocate some advanced ideas about women s independence, that was nice I am sure quite forward for the age. It Was First Serialised In The Merry S Museum Magazine Between July And August In 1869 And Consisted Of Only Six Chapters For The Finished Product, However, Alcott Continued The Story From The Chapter Six Years Afterwards And So It Ended Up With Nineteen Chapters In All The Book Revolves Around Polly Milton, The Old Fashioned Girl Who Titles The Story Polly Visits Her Wealthy Friend Fanny Shaw In The City And Is Overwhelmed By The Fashionable And Urban Life They Live But Also Left Out Because Of Her Countrified Manners And Outdated Clothes. Leer ✓ Psiconutrición. Aprende a tener una relación saludable con la comida Por Griselda Herrero Mart n – Mgiworx.co.uk However [PDF] ↠ Moonsong (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters, Author L.J. Smith – Mgiworx.co.uk Alcott Continued The Story From The Chapter Six Years Afterwards And So It Ended Up With Nineteen Chapters In All The Book Revolves Around Polly Milton ➳ La lanza rota (Leyendas de Kalomaar Read ➻ Author Alberto Rojas – Mgiworx.co.uk The Old Fashioned Girl Who Titles The Story Polly Visits Her Wealthy Friend Fanny Shaw In The City And Is Overwhelmed By The Fashionable And Urban Life They Live But Also Left Out Because Of Her Countrified Manners And Outdated Clothes. I could never quite stomach Little Women, as a child or adult, but An Old Fashioned Girl has all the positives of LW with less sentimentality, a proper romance with the right person, and social commentary I found much powerful and direct than LW s I loved it when I was young, reread it many times, and loved reading it to the girls.Then when I was doing my second time round studying, and we read Portrait of a Lady, I had a Moment of profound significance Okay, neither profound nor really significant, but I liked my Moment Just as James rewrote Middlemarch s Dorothea on her honeymoon in Rome in Portrait, I think Alcott rewrote Isabel Archer s sitting alone pondering by the fire scene with Polly doing exactly that in the Nipped in the bud chapter Which made me very happy, even though I could find no evidence for the argument that it was an intentional homage A few years later I did an essay on AOFG and that was fun too Well, writing the essay wasn t fun, but the research and thinking about how so many authors were writing interactively in the nineteenth century and how very much that included those who sometimes or always wrote for younger readers. This book left me with such a happy feeling as a kid and I know I would still love this book when I read it again It s like watching The Sound of Music , you want to find comfort in it when the world dissapoints you, because you will be reminded that no matter what, being sincere and true to yourself will pay and surely will get the boy the man you fall for Of course when you went to high school, you might learn another thing, that inner beauty didn t always prevail, thanks to the boys hormones who will ask for than just you having a heart of gold But those boys will be men, and the right men will want to get the ones with inner beauty So yes, tell your dearest daughters that inner beauty rocks, and one trait that this materialistic, superficial world will surely need. I ended up enjoying this than I expected to at the beginning, but it didn t make me care as much as Little Women I think it s because a child was teaching children and adults to be better people, rather than an adult with life experience It took longer for me to see the characters as individuals rather than caricatures I was rooting for characters at the end, though, so I did care than I thought. Polly Milton is a fourteen year old country girl raised on old fashioned values and invited to Boston for an extended stay with her friend, Fanny Shaw Quite the unlikely friendship since Fanny, despite being only two years older, is no longer just a girl, not poor, and not old fashioned Little does Polly know the breakers which lie ahead flounces and frizzles and the height of fashion, girls who consider flirtation the true purpose of schooling, and one particularly beastly red headed boy who insists on plaguing his sister s country friend Aww I first fell in love with An Old Fashioned Girl after discovering a hard copy version amongst the Louisa May Alcott collection on my grandmother s shelf That copy, which was in perfectly decent condition when I first read it, is now so tattered I doubt the cover or the binding would survive another reading.This is my favorite Louisa May Alcott book and also one of my favorite books of all time All the characters have spunk and fire and flaws The dialogue is engaging, and it s fun to hear the slang of the era I also love how the little sister, Maud, speaks with a lisp throughout the first portion of the novel Like Little Women, An Old Fashioned Girl begins with the main character in her teens, then fast forwards in time Six years to be exact for the final two thirds of the novel All the main characters Polly, Fan, and Tom are forced to learn to swim or sink in the face of scheming marriage hunters, the societal expectations of Boston s High Society, and the allure and illusion of monetary security One of those novels I can read again and again and again.In a way, Louisa May Alcott wrote An Old Fashioned Girl to please all those readers who were heartbroken by the way she ended Little Women And personally, I am so glad she did. This will forever be one of my favorite books tying with The Scarlet Pimpernel I love and relate to Polly so, so much and I think her plight of having to remain secure in who she is, is something girls of today can still relate to None of the characters are perfect, but their interactions and desire to be better makes the book very compelling as it follows Polly s visits to her very different friend, Fanny s, house It s similar to some of Alcott s other works because of the strong life lessons and family values that come through the anecdotal storytelling, but much shorter and simpler than Little Women While the book itself is definitely old fashioned, this world could do with some of that, especially in the areas of friendship despite differences and security despite ridicule. Cute story but I did not enjoy it as much as Holy sermonizing, Batman This isn t just an old fashioned story, it s an old fashioned way to tell a story heavy handed preachiness in which dear little Polly, daughter of a poor minister, inspires morality among wealthy Bostonians, pleases her elders with her goodness and simplicity, and spreads joy to everyone in her path As subtle as a tornado.If you can get past the preaching, the story has its charms It shares some sweet elements with Little Women a spirited American girl grows up poor but virtuous and eventually inspires her childhood playmate to exchange his foppishness for manliness Hmm, sorry That still sound kinda preachy and old fashioned Should I be embarrassed that it appeals to me I also need to make a confession about Alcott s sermons as unpopular as this book would be to modern teens, I still will want my daughter to read it some day preferably before she masters the eye roll Alcott s social commentary, though 150 years old, is spot on In fact, not much has changed beyond fashion snoods and bustles, anyone some fetching muttonchop sleeves We still complain about kids growing up too fast and then acting bored and disaffected when they reach young adulthood We still live in a society of gossip, back stabbing, idleness, selfishness, waste and excess Also, Alcott hits on a middle political ground that appeals to me Nowadays, my Republican friends rail about how the poor need to suck it up and work harder and stop bleeding the system with their laziness My Democrat friends point out that anyone who says this is completely out of touch with those outside their own social class, many of whom only lack opportunity Alcott manages to balance both sides in a traditional, common sense American approach her idea of virtue is to work hard, to value independence, to be content with little and yet she also sees virtue as generosity, providing charity money, work, food clothing to those in need, fostering sympathetic and active awareness of and kindness toward those outside your social class Granted, Republican Friends, all her needy characters are willing to work hard and only lack opportunity Still, in this big, imperfect world where greed and selfishness and laziness are not limited to any one class, I d rather err on the side of mercy Similarly, Alcott s old fashioned sounding ideas of femininity initially sound abrasive but have an appeal She celebrates marriage as equal yoking that capitalizes on the complementary natures of men and women But, at the same time, she shows that an admirable woman is one who is confident, capable, self sufficient, never simpering or false or overly delicate Uh oh Now who s sermonizing Sorry She started it.

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