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Deep Medicine What I admire most about this book are two things the exhaustive list of reseach that Topol and his colleagues have collated and the stories that Topol shared in his career as a physician.The former I appreciate mostly because Topol said at the end how difficult it was to come up with all of this research and present them in this book He s a very intelligent physician but I imagine it must have been difficult to translate research papers to physician terms, then AGAIN to layman s terms for us to read It also showed me the landscape of where AI and healthcare intersected, which, while expansive and prominent, is still very early on.I appreciated his stories the most I m an engineer working in a healthcare focused company and I always enjoy hearing the physician s perspective The Lazarus story that Topol shared about his father in law was incredibly heartfelt I also got a new perspective to doctors when he told the story of the EKG bandaid that he told his patient to wear, along with his unrelated lecture of the 2 types of thinking that doctors make reactive thinking in the ER and slow processing Terminei de ler o livro Deep Medicine, How Intelligence can make healthcare human again, escrito por Eric Topol um livro muito atual, escrito nesse ano e lan ado m s passado Ele conta no livro a hist ria da evolu o da Intelig ncia Artificial, Machine Learning, CNNs, Self driving vehicles, Speech Recognition NN, Deep Face facial recognition, sobre o desafio vencido por um algoritmo jogando AlphaGo com humanos e o lan amento do Intituto AI Now em 2017 Ele explica como cada uma dessas tecnologias avan aram e utiliza exemplos na Medicina pra ilustrar esse progresso.Mostra experimentos feitos com reconhecimento de imagens e diversas startups que est o trabalhando para trazer melhores diagn sticos, baseado em aprendizado em imagens de exames m dicos Traz tamb m avan os na psicologia e psiquiatria usando informa es de reconhecimento de voz, al m do uso de assistentes digitais Para alimenta o, algumas startups v m propondo dietas personalizadas baseadas nos nossos dados e material gen tico Mas a Empatia uma virtude humana que nunca poder ser criada pela m quina ou algoritmo O entendimento do sofrimento e sensibilidade a outra pessoa algo nico, caracter stica do ser humano Eric ainda aponta uma preocupa o muito grande sobre o uso dos nossos dados vitais por grandes empresas, que hoje est de forma desfragmentada, mas que deveria ser nossa propriedade e que n s dever amos ter acesso a esses dados e, com eles, quando necess rio, lev los a especialistas, empresas, institui es ou hospita Best Ebook, Deep Medicine By Eric Topol This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Deep Medicine , Essay By Eric Topol Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Leer ✓ Psiconutrición. Aprende a tener una relación saludable con la comida Por Griselda Herrero Mart n – Mgiworx.co.uk Deep Medicine By Eric Topol This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read [PDF] ↠ Moonsong (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters, Author L.J. Smith – Mgiworx.co.uk The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Deep Medicine ➳ La lanza rota (Leyendas de Kalomaar Read ➻ Author Alberto Rojas – Mgiworx.co.uk Essay By Eric Topol Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A very up to date and well researched book on the world of AI and its application in medicine.For someone with little knowledge about AI like myself, it gives a quick overview of AI, in what sectors AI tools are being used, and then proceeds to talk about its application within different branches of medicine, but also within other related areas such as drug discovery, omics and mental health.At the same time he also touches on issues of empathy in med Former Cleveland Clinic chair cardiologist Eric Topol explores the expected impact of AI in medicine Purely diagnostic specialties might be replaced by AI in some countries within a decade Surgeons are at Eric Topol is always interesting be it a book, an interview, a podcast or on Twitter On Twitter to me he wins the MVT award for most valuable tweeter.This is I believe the third book of his that I ve read I am not a novice to AI ML and I lecture on these topics This is a very thorough book Almost every page is filled with information worth checking out even further It covers the current state of AI in medicine thoroughly From journal articles to companies carrying out the efforts I can t see that there are omissions Visions of the future are usually speculative The vision of a speech recognition system assisting in writing a chart to help ease the burden of EHR is something I ve lectured to biomedical engineering students for several years Some day will likely happen.He speaks of AI ML as being an assist to the medical field rather than a replacement This is starting to happen and should be in practice and before long The systems as assistant and not as replacement certainly makes a lot of sense.He is optimistic than I that corporate medicine will allow doctors to spend their time demonstrating empathy and perhaps longer than 12 minutes Dr Topol also expresses the need to select medical students on empathy and humanistic characteristics But several paragraphs later he said that we need physicians to understand algorithm construction and be technical AI ML expert AI will reshape medicineThis is the third book on the future of medicine by Dr Eric Topol He states that the future of medicine lays above three pillars Digitization covered on his first book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine Democratization covered on his second book The Patient Will See You Now Deep Medicine covered in this book.At first, I thought this book would be a guided tour about the expectations and the use of artificial intelligence around the different medical specialties It is much than that.Topol s concept of Deep Medicine has three basic foundations 1 deep phenotyping, which will be possible thanks to the advances in technology, 2 deep learning, which is currently at the peak or near the peak of its hype, and 3deep empathy, which is essentially the concept of re humanize medicine This point is specially valid for the US health system, which, for the last quarter of a century, started resembling a streamlined line of production where less and less emphasis is given to the doctor patient relationship, becoming simply guided by opaque metrics Topol cites the electronic health records EHR as a clear example of that EHRs were designed for billing and administrative purposes and are not at all portable or convenient for patients.As the other books by Dr Topol, this one is very rich in references showing how techniques such as convolutional neural netw The author, an innovative medical school president in California, is one of my favorites on the topic of computing in medicine He sees the medical landscape wider than most scholars, and he is a true humanist at heart He surveys the field of artificial intelligence and sees how it could apply to modern medicine.Most of the described projects are pipe dreams now, but Topol sees potential in them Of course, they need rigorous clinical trials to demonstrate their efficacy I would love for my personal doctor to prescribe a mobile app for me to track this or that.I ve been on the bandwagon of medical mobile apps for a while now They adopt the power of computing to the ever changing landscape of life Artificial intelligence can only add to this power as it will help us solve many problems In the clinic, virtual assistants, equipped with the power of Natural Language Processing, can even help MDs spend human time with their patients.Of course, not all will be ideal Topol tackles the dysutopian themes of artificial intelligence, too We must be sure that ethics continue to be maintained and that humans remain the driver in the doctor patient relationship But in truth, are humans really the driver in the relationship now Money is a much stronger driver than humanism now Let s hope that artificial intelligence adds to the humanism before the money can take over even.This book is a great read for those in the field of medical technology, healthcare, or technology It s writt Well researched, eye opening and fascinating AI is the future of medicine and I think we need to embrace it and make sure that patients get the most out of it. One way to describe modern medicine is shallow This book explores how AI would actually deepen in and how we should not be afraid of what it can bring to the table.

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